Eastern Tech Hub’s mission is to promote the socio-economic development and competitiveness of the Eastern Region through innovation by:

  • creating new business opportunities and adding value to mature companies in high-tech sectors.
  • Equiping the youth with the needed Digital Skills to be ready for the job market.
  • enhancing the synergy between industry, government, academic and research institutions.





Why Choose ETH?

Eastern Tech Hub has created a unique space for startups, entrepreneurs, academics and micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to network and prosper. Its value-adding business support services contribute to the growth and globalization of technology-rich enterprises in an environment that promotes innovation and enhances competitiveness for knowledge-based businesses.


Our Team

Jones A. Amartefio

C.E.O & Co-Founder

Isaac A. Akutey

C.O.O & Co-Founder